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Kangfan Mould Factory is a professional

plastic paint bucket mould manufacturer and maker in China

, with more than 10 years experience in custom plastic bucket mould manufacturing, we provide high quality bucket moulds and mould solutions.

We have provided plastic moulds for bucket mould, pail mould, lube oil bucket mold ,thin wall bucket mould, square bucket mould, paint bucket mould, oval bucket mould. . .

> Engineers and management team have extensive experience and skills.

> Imported machining equipment and high-quality mold steel are used to ensure mold accuracy and production life, and improve production cycle..

Plastic Bucket Injection Mould

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Our advantage

  • 1.Plastic paint bucket project audit (invest-return checking and advice, analysis of plastic molding feasibility, injection machine models selection…).

  • 2.Pompetitive plastic paint buckets analysis and design (provide the drawings).

  • 3.Optimal mould cooling (good molding cycle will reduce the cost of product).

  • 4.Process report per week (help you learn the latest process and arrange the related work timely).

  • 5.Quick response (such as re-making of broken mold components).

  • 6.Training support (mould operation and maintenance, molding capacity improvement…).

  • 7.Custom special support of maintenance and warranty time.

  • 8.Different plastic paint bucket testing support (weight tolerance, concentricity test, stacking, drop test, sealing test…).

Your Reliable Supplier For Leading Plastic Injection Mould Manufacturer

An enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture of injection moulds for paint bucket

One-Stop Moulding Solution Provider

  • Mould Customization

    Efficient and high-quality mold design. Optimize as much as possible to help achieve better use and longer
    molud life.

  • Mould Manufacturing

    In the past ten years, KANGFAN Mould has been committed to introducing world-class equipment, such as Serein, QuickJet, HSPK, Haitian.

  • Mould Assembly &Packaging

    The factory masters in our mold assembly team have many years of experience and will assist you with the installation remotely.

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