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OEM/ODM Round Plastic Bucket Mould

    Round Plastic Bucket Mould Suppliers

    Plastic buckets molds for injection molding machine, containers, pails, barrel ,cans ,tubs are considered as necessity items for industrial packaging. Their light weight, flexibility,strong, corrosion and chemical resistance have made these plastic products popular for storage and handling of water, ice cream, yogurt, soybean oil, liquid food, grease, paint, printing ink ,powder, glue, chemical product ,lubricant, chemical, petrol, diesel etc. As a professional plastic bucket mould maker in China, we have exported many bucket moulds to abroad. We are one of the leading mould manufacturers to supply plastic bucket mould, , bucket handle mould, bucket body mould, bucket lid mould in China.
  • Taizhou Huangyan Kangfan Mould Co., Ltd. is located in Huangyan, the hometown of Chinese molds, is an experienced China Round Plastic Bucket Mould suppliers, with more than 10 years experience in custom plastic bucket mould manufacturing, we provide high quality bucket moulds and mould solutions. The company specializing in the design and injection of Round Plastic Bucket Mould and mass production of plastic products. Imported machining equipment and high-quality mold steel are used to ensure mold accuracy and production life, and improve production cycle. The company always adheres to the policy of "quality first, customer first", reduces costs with high energy, moves customers with service, and achieves a win-win situation with consensus.

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